Athletic stadium in Jerusalem

 Mr. Aviv Cohen and Mr. Jacob Cohen Management of L.S.M. Industrial Technologies LtD, Israel official ALCEA importer, participated at the maintenance and adjustment jobs of the Hebrew University Stadium, multifunctional national center located close at Givat Ram campus of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
The stadium, one of the most important inside the Country, has been built on 1958 and can host 10.000 audience people.
In 1964 it was the location for some races of the AFC Asian Cup and in 1968 the Summer Paralympics.

It was renewed the first time during the year 1997 and today it an athletics and football stadium with international level fame.

The jobs, made with ALCEA products, have been focused on the repainting of the restructures areas.


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It was founded on 1984 and it is specialized into production and commercialization of chemical technologies suitable into the industrial engineering sector (