ALCEA opens a new production facility in Meduna di Livenza

 The crisis is pressing but despite difficulties ALCEA is still believing and investing in wood industry.

The new production site has been inaugurated in Meduna di Livenza (TV) on 6th May 2013.
The new factory of 1,600 square meters, divided between production area and warehouse, has been designed and equipped in order to respond quickly to demands coming from furniture market. The competence and efficiency of the technical staff, headed by Mr Valter Rusalen, and ALCEA thirty years long experience in colorimetry, will be able to ensure a high quality result and a direct service to the most demanding customers.

The production has been equipped for manufacturing any shade taken from a validated colour or from a sample one, metallized effects and pearlescent ones, without any limit of quantity and ensuring above all colorimetric constancy, which is very important for continuative series. This has been possible thanks to development of a strict quality control system. The choice of the utilized converters and pastes are the result of many years of research, aimed to obtain products having a maximum of performance, both in colour stability and physical-chemical characteristics. Within a short time it will be activated also a production of patina and similar dyes.

As an aid to Meduna structure, and in direct cooperation to it, operates a second ALCEA production plant located in Bovolone (Vr).
This reality has been dedicated to the more specific market of Veneto region centre-west part, well known for its production of stylish furniture.
The said being as much flexible and technological, designed for ensuring a quick and high quality service as well.