Alcea wants to meet, respecting the person, the requirements of Quality and Customers expectations, prevent and minimize negative impacts of its manufacturing processes and products on Environment, improve workers Health and Safety through:

  • continuous improvement of its quality performances, environment, health and safety;
  • specialization and technological research;
  • continuous investment in research of manufacturing cycles having increasingly lower environmental impact, less harmful to human health and more innovative;
  • strengthening competitive position in domestic and international market.

For achieving the said targets Alcea has chosen an organization suitable to kind, size, and services provided, and promotes:

  • complying to legislation and regulation in force, to rules of good technique as well as to company specific standards;
  • study and development of new products for meeting market needs, of targets of Quality and Environment safeguard;
  • continuous innovation and development of always more efficient production methods, in order to guarantee Quality of products, their compatibility with Environment and safeguard of workers health and safety;
  • acquisition of technologically advanced machineries, considering in addition to financial economical aspects also targets of Quality, of safeguard of Environment and workers Safety;
  • putting at disposal human resources and enhancement of their value for achieving of its objectives;
  • enhancement of value and enrichment of property of experience and widespread knowledges through information and continuous training of staff, sales force, suppliers, and end users;
  • its workers awareness and perception of risk at all levels, and their participation to the process of identification of preventive measures;
  • prevention and reduction of risks of accidents and occupational diseases faced by workers and all people who work under its control.

Alcea develops and adopts programs conform to this Policy, establishes and periodically reviews objectives and goals of Quality, Environment, Health and Safety integrated management system.

Alcea is committed to ensure that this Policy is daily implemented by its whole staff.

19th September 2015

                                                                                                        Board Director

                                                                                                          Carlo Parodi