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03-07-2016 Somebody Up There In The Sky Loves Us

Among not too much time, a piece of the Alcea heart will see us from beyond the stars.

This is an important reference for our Company that was part of the Italian Team working for the Aerospace Industry.

In Italy indeed, on behalf of NASA,  it was designed and built one module part of the Orion shuttle. We are speaking about the Orion service unit “STA” that it will be used in occasion of the 2018 mission.

The Orion service module, built under ESA contract (ESA) by Thales Alenia Space, will provide the propulsion, electrical power, thermal control, and the key elements for human survival inside the US Orion capsule during the human missions beyond low Earth orbit towards several destinations such as the Moon, asteroids and deep space.

The carpentry and structures have been protected with ALCEA coating systems and the paint application have been supervised by our specialists.

We reconfirm the close linking between the Alcea technologies and the most advanced engineering applications.

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