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ALCEA has a whole range of electro-plating products, both anodic and cathodic, including acrylic products and products requiring low-temperature firing. Painting by electro-plating is a treatment that provides considerable rustproofing to the support, guaranteeing high chemical and mechanical resistance and excellent adhesion to several types of metal support.

Electro-plating provides for a constant-thickness application on the support’s entire surface. By using electrical fields and electrochemical phenomena, it is possible to reach the most difficult, partly hidden points.

Range: Acrylic, epoxy, anodic, cathodic, also at low firing temperatures.

Application methods: By electrochemical deposition in an aqueous bath

Product plus points

  • Rustproof
  • Resistant to chemical and mechanical agents
  • No residue from overspray
  • No dripping
  • High adhesion on metal supports
  • Constant thickness over whole support
  • Low atmospheric emissions
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