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Professional Tintometric Systems

As a leader with its tintometric systems for over 30 years, ALCEA offers products, software and innovative, highly-specialised equipment for several types of applications to guarantee the management process for the formulation of paint product colours.


Sistemi a Solvente


Sistemi all'acqua



TnTNext to prepare colour, safety documents and to manage costs and sales prices.

More than 12,000 verified and checked formulations

Storage of personal formulas

Simplified dosage

Safety labels and sheets

The software for preparing colour and safety documents


AMatching for ColorMatching and colorimetric control

Formulation and instrumental correction

Storing of personal formulas and colours

Exporting formulas

Creation of colorimetric certificates

The ALCEA Colorimetry software with more than 80 thousand colours that can be created in all ALCEA products


Manual tintometers

ALCEA manual tintometers are shelves for housing the concentrated pastes…

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Electronic tintometers

ALCEA electronic tintometers are machines for the automatic dosing of…

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Colour reading

It is possible to purchase spectrophotometers for reading and recognising…

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ALCEA has machinery for the dispersion of concentrated pastes in…

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ALCEA offers electronic scales for dosing concentrated pastes.

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Miscellaneous accessories

ALCEA offers complementary equipment for the tintometer sector.

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