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TnTNext for preparing colour and safety documents

TnTNext is Alcea’s tintometric software TnTNext simplifies storage and viewing of colour formulas. It easily manages purchase and sales prices Its database contains tens of thousands of formulations verified by instruments or application and the entire range of ALCEA products. It can interact with the software of the main manufacturers of dosing machinery, produce price lists and formulas. It can be constantly updated from the web.

TNTNEXT Schermata


Thousands of verified formulas

Possibility of choosing from among several formulas for the same colour, based on price, coverage and solidity.

Storage of personal formulas

Storage of custom colours and formulas

Simplified dosage

By dosing machine management, interfacing with the scales

Safety labels and sheets

The software automatically generates the paint labels and safety sheets

Zip containing
all software

Solo TnTNext

Only SDS software
and labels


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