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Colour reading

It is possible to purchase spectrophotometers for reading and recognising the colour.

Reading of pastel colour (non-metallic) for Colour Matching

Colour code search

Comparison of colours for quality certificates



KaleydoEvo mini

Portable colorimeter for colour measurement

Basic technical features:

  • Colorimeter 45°
  • Bluetooth
  • Upgradable standard colour charts
  • Display the difference between read/color
  • Create personal collections
  • Color simulation
  • Kaleydo Evo App for Android and Apple
  • website:

X-Rite Ci61

Portable sphere-shaped spectrophotometer d/8° for accurate colour measurement

Basic technical features:

  • Measuring pattern d/8°, 8 mm fixed opening, simultaneous SPIN/SPEX
  • Compatibility with SP series
  • Colour space L,a,b
  • Storage of 1000 standard and 4000 samples
  • Tungsten inert gas light source spectral field of 400 to 700 nanometers
  • Measuring time 2 sec. ca.
  • CIE interstrumental L,a,b: <0,30 Δ E average and <0,50 ΔE maximum on 12 ceramics BCRA Series II
  • Specular component included
  • Measuring time 2 sec. ca.
  • Shelf life of lamp 500,000 measurements
  • Charging time: 4 h
  • Removable lithium ion battery 7.4 V – 24 mAh
  • Weight 1.06 Kg
  • With: black and white calibration standard, CA adaptor, USB cable, case, operating manual
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