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Manual tintometers

ALCEA manual tintometers are shelves for housing the concentrated pastes with motorised mixing

Low noise

Safe, reliable attachment

Models with 24 and 30 positions

Motorised mixing



SANTINT Tintometer Cupboard

Modular manual tintometers compatible with the packages of Smaltosistem® and Geocolor® colour pastes. Available with 24 and 30 positions. The wire cutter lids for 3-litre tins are included.

SANTINT tintometer cupboard with 24 positions

SANTINT tintometer cupboard with 30 positions


SANTINT Tintometer Lids

Spare wire cutter lids. For the simple dosing of ALCEA water and solvent-based colour pastes. The special paddles guarantee correct, complete colour mixing, to guarantee colour constancy, with no risk of perforating the bottom of the tin.

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